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It all started in Aix-en-Provence, at the age of six. I started playing piano and music theory alongside my grandfather, violinist and my aunt pianist who very quickly transmitted their passion to me, the demanding discipline of classical music. 

An extraordinary period that will mark me for life, during which I very quickly develop my musical ear and my sense of rhythm. 

At the same time, my parents have bathed me from childhood in a musical cultural mix.  Cradled by the warm voices of Africa and the world, pop folk melodies and the groove of the kings of soul and rhythm and blues, I draw my artistic inspiration from committed and timeless artists such as James Brown, Manu Dibango, Sade , Ben Harper and Charles Aznavour. 

A few years later, I continue my journey on guitar and vocals. I fall in love with this instrument that I never leave and train myself as an autodidact.


Determined and generous on stage, I began to perform as a solo guitar-voice on small stages in Aix.

I interpret and revisit the greatest standards of soul and pop-folk music and a repertoire of world music.
I have been singing for several years in duo and in groups for private and professional events, charities as well as public events in the South-East of France. 

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